Air Couture No. 7

Product name: Air Couture No.7
Product type: Paper air freshener

Live life to the fullest and treat your senses to the wind of the sea and the spirit of the wind. The perfect blend of lavender, menthe, sandalwood, iris and musk will breathe the breath of cape diem into anyone within its reach.

Welcomed by both men and women, Air Couture’s air fresheners are made from the finest oils and exclusively designed to suit your vehicle, home, and workspace. Air Couture Fresheners have both visual and aromatic appeal, freshening your bedroom, bathroom, closet, or office cubical with an elegant and attractive design that can be hung from any area of your choice. These unique scents will help neutralize cigarette, leather and other unpleasant odors and fill the air with the aroma of couture fragrances. This is not your normal, run of the mill, green tree air freshener, these are perfume based designer fragrances that provide a sophisticated and refined scent, unrivaled by any other paper freshener. Air Couture is American made, so shop with confidence knowing that you are supporting a domestic product that is rooted in quality.


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