Air Couture’s inspiration is to bring you a premium quality air freshener that provides a luxurious experience both with its scent and elegantly designed packaging.

We firmly believe that an item of luxury can be reasonably priced and available for everyone! With this idea in mind, Air Couture was founded in 2009 to develop a high-end, luxuriously scented air freshener inspired by world-renowned perfumes from top designers. This concept has not only opened up a new dimension in the car air freshener market but has filled a niche in office and living spaces as well.

Air Couture brand air fresheners are infused with high quality perfume oils to enhance your mood and develop a sense of comfort. We crafted these oil formulations at our global headquarters in Southern California. In our quest to appeal to a broad spectrum of people, we carefully chose eight different perfumes with notes spanning from the fresh winds of the Mediterranean Sea to the intense spices of the Middle East.

A key feature of our products is the package design. We put a large emphasis on aesthetics to make our air fresheners look unlike any other in the market. To avoid being like other brands who just copy each others’ ideas, we sat down with leading designers to develop a look that transcends trendiness and will accessorize your car in high fashion.
Try Air Couture now and find out for yourself!